5 Foods That Increase Hunger Warning !!

Many people suffer from being very hungry when dieting because the feeling of hunger and the inability to control themselves while eating food is a major reason for many diets that some people fail to follow. can make them lose hope of getting rid of excess weight.

Therefore, when following the diet, it should be followed correctly and identify the most important foods that make us feel full during a diet, which allows us to maintain the diet for a long time, then reduce our weight, and foods that make us hungrier, which gives us more calories. It makes us want to eat more, and we’ll show you the most important foods that make us hungry and make us accept to eat more.

5- Processed juices and smoothies

Homemade natural juices that are low in sugar are good for eating, and canned processed juices are a bad option and are bad for your health. As these juices contain a very high percentage of sugars on top of that, they contain a high percentage of preservatives, which makes them harmful to the body, The great, and the smoothie is also one of the drinks that makes us very hungry. quickly, because very creamy milk and a very large amount of sugar are added to it, which makes us hungry very quickly.

4-Cakes and cookies

This is one of the things that increases weight and causes us to consume a lot of calories, cakes and cookies each have a very high percentage of sugars, saturated and unsaturated fats and carbohydrates, and certainly all of these components in them. give the body lots of calories even if it does not feel full. While eating it, and due to its delicious taste, a person cannot eat a single piece of it, therefore the person eats large amounts of these sweets, and yet he does not feel full no matter what he eats, even when she feels full after eating large amounts, this satiety lasts only a very short time because the proportion of sugars The high content of cookies and cakes makes us hungry very quickly.


Pizza is one of the delicious foods that anyone can eat, but pizza is one of the foods that dramatically increases weight and makes us hungry after a short period of consumption. Especially if it has a lot of types of cheese because it has carbohydrates and the large amount of carbohydrates in it turns into sugars which makes us hungry quickly while eating it, so if you want to eat a lot of pizza, it it is better to make pizza at home to be lighter and not contain a high content of fat. It is also best to make a vegetable pizza that does not contain cheese and eat a small piece of it as it has a lot of calories.


French fries contain a mixture of starch, fat and salts, and when you eat French fries, they are served next to the bread, which makes us eat a very large amount of carbohydrates which greatly increase the weight, and This amount of carbohydrates is converted in the body into sugars and fats, which makes us hungry after a very short period of consuming large amounts of fried potatoes with too many calories.

1-Diet soft drinks

One of the most common mistakes most dieters make is in the mood for drinking diet sodas instead of regular sodas as they claim that they do not cause weight gain but this is completely wrong because diet sodas contain a very high percentage of artificial sugars which They cause serious damage to the body and greatly increase the level of sugar in the blood, and drinking these drinks makes us hungry very quickly, you must therefore be careful to completely avoid any type of carbonated drinks, whether dietetic or regular, while following the diet.

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