5 surprising health benefits of cashews

Cashews are one of the most important types of nuts and are loved by many people for their delicious taste and flavor.

Cashew nut has many benefits for the body as it contains many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which makes it very beneficial for the body. It is advisable not to eat too much of it because, like any other type of nut, it can harm the body if large amounts are consumed more than what the body needs as it can cause an increase in any of the elements. or vitamins in the body, which causes us harm. We’re going to show you the most amazing health benefits of cashews.

1-Good for heart health

Cashews are very beneficial for heart health because they contain a very high percentage of unsaturated fats, and these fats help lower cholesterol in the blood, and help lower blood pressure. It is high, so it is very useful for heart patients, but it should be consumed in moderation, as the increase in unsaturated fat in the body can have other adverse health effects, so the patient should not not eat more than 20 grams of cashews per day, and it is better to eat unroasted cashews.

2-Useful for bones

Cashews help to strengthen bones as they help to strengthen nerves and muscles considerably, and this is due to the fact that cashews are rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for bones as cashews are very rich magnesium and magnesium is one of the most important building blocks for bone building, so the importance of magnesium for bones is no less important than the importance of calcium. Magnesium surrounds the calcium present in the bones and thus greatly strengthens the bones and increases their hardness, and cocoa is also rich in the element copper which is also important for the bones, as copper helps stimulate the production of collagen which is very important for bones .

3-Help to lose weight

Contrary to what is known, nuts are prohibited while dieting, but cashews are important to eat while on a diet, as cashew nuts help in weight loss because it is rich in natural fibers. and unsaturated fats, which help to get full very quickly, and unsaturated fats help to reduce The level of cholesterol in the blood and thus increases the burning in the body, in addition to that, it gives the person activity and the vitality that a person can lose by dieting, which makes them more able to exercise and burn more fat, so when dieting you need to eat a small amount each A day of nuts of cashew.

4-Good for sexual health

Cashew nuts help to increase sexual ability in men as it greatly increases man’s sexual desire, and make him more vital during intimate relations, besides that, cashew nuts greatly increase the fertility of the man. men, increase the number of sperm and improve their efficiency

5-Cancer prevention

Cashews contain a high percentage of antioxidants and also contain copper, which is very helpful in getting rid of rotten cells and eliminating free radicals in the body, both from the roots. Free in the body is one of the main reasons for the growth of cancer cells and their attack on healthy body cells and hence cancer, as studies have shown that cashews contain a substance called proanthocyanidins, and this substance has a great ability to fight cancer cells.

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