7 foods to avoid eating completely after exercise

We exercise to get a lean body that is not limp, and to stimulate blood circulation in the body as well, and sport rids the body of toxins.

No matter where you exercise, whether at home or at the club, the important thing is that before you exercise well enough, you need to have a snack that helps you to activity, and not feel dizzy (vertigo), and drink water so as not to be thirsty, and so that we are happy to do the exercises.

But the problem is with what we eat after exercise meals, which can waste our efforts during exercise, and thus prevent you from losing weight. So, together, we will learn about some of those harmful foods that waste the effort of exercise without getting the desired benefit.

First: crackers and salty foods

You feel the urge to eat salty foods after exercising, as the body has lost water from heavy sweating during exercise. As well as mineral salts, including potassium. You resort to salty foods and fast food as a quick fix. It’s also full of fats and starches. In doing so, you will not achieve the goal of the sport.

Second: raw vegetables

Eating raw or steamed vegetables is recommended as a healthy food, but it cannot replace your body with the vitamins and minerals that your body needs after exercise, so do not take it alone in your meal after exercise. ‘exercise, but incorporate it into your meal.

Third: fatty foods

It is strictly forbidden to eat fatty foods for any reason. Such as fast food, fried foods and foods high in oils or butter. As most women think they can easily burn these foods. But it is very difficult and eating these foods wastes the effort spent exercising. Completely abstain from fatty foods after exercise.

Fourth: cut candy and chocolate

Sweets and chocolate are fast foods that provide us with the energy and sugars we need for post-exercise hunger pangs. But these foods are recommended before exercise to provide us with energy, not after exercise. But if you eat it after a workout with its high amounts of sugars, then all your efforts will be wasted extreme fatigue, and you think exercise is the reason.

Fifth: drink carbonated water and sugars

A common mistake is to drink soda or candy after exercise to make us thirsty and stressful. These foods are high in sugars and high in calories.

Sixth: pastries and bakery products

These foods that we eat quickly make us feel full and full for long periods of time after exercise, so we may not eat breakfast with appetite and in the right amount. In addition, eating pastries does not replace the glycogen needed by muscles and mineral salts lost during exercise. Therefore, it should not be eaten after exercise, such as pizza for example, and it is better to eat dried fruit with brown bread and yogurt.

Seventh: chocolate milk

Chocolate milk is one of the drinks that contains huge amounts of calories. Along with chocolate, milk is very beneficial for the body. As this drink improves memory, rids the body of toxins and also a feeling of happiness. Except that this drink harms the teeth. It also does not allow the body to benefit from the calories burned during exercise. Therefore, we recommend that you drink this drink before exercise, to benefit from its nutrients and to ensure that the calories we will gain are burned during exercise. while not consuming sugary carbonated drinks that cause bloating. You can replace it with fresh juice without sugar or just drink water.

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