Study: grapefruit reduces weight and fights cancer

We all know about the many health benefits of grapefruit, but one of its most popular benefits is weight reduction and fighting cancer, as recent scientific study has proven.

One of the most important studies done on grapefruit fruit is an American study by a number of researchers at the University of California in America, on a group of experimental rats, and they proved that grapefruit works for lose weight and eliminate obesity.

When the group of mice was split into two groups, the first group was given a high fat diet, fatty meals and grapefruit juice, while the second group was also given the same diet which contains a high percentage of saturated fat but with only water intake, and the study remained for 100 days.

the results appeared and showed that the mice of the first group who consumed fatty foods with grapefruit juice reduced their weight by 18% compared to the mice who consumed fat with water alone. This indicates that grapefruit is one of the most important natural fruits that help burn fat, prevent the effect of cholesterol on the blood, and regulate blood sugar. This is because grapefruit contains the fat-burning enzyme, which promotes rapid weight loss.

Scientists were keen to conduct this study to make sure that grapefruit really helps with weight loss, after the very famous grapefruit diet was released in America, known as the Hollywood Diet, because there is a very large number of stars and stars who depend on this diet.

Another recent scientific study was conducted, but this time at the University of Chicago, USA, under the supervision of a group of seasoned scientists and doctors, and they proved that grapefruit fights all kinds of cancers. whether it is liver, breast or lung cancer.

This was discovered when a woman suffered from liver cancer and the disease developed and moved from the liver to the spine and lymph nodes. But after five years, doctors found that the patient’s malignant tumors had shrunk considerably and she defied the disease as she was on the verge of a full recovery from the disease.

When doctors asked her about the secret, the lady said that she was taking medicine with grapefruit juice, and here researchers from Chicago have proven that grapefruit does a lot to increase the drug’s effect on the patient. human body, so doctors warned against taking it with medication, but Cancer proves the opposite because it helps the drug affect the body in order to fight cancer and malignant tumors.

Researchers also found out in another study, which says grapefruit attacks breast cancer and helps stop the growth of cancer cells in the breast, after finding that grapefruit contains a bioflavonoid compound that shrinks malignant tumors in the breast. inside breast cells.

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