Study: Magnesium Prevents Heart Disease

Magnesium is one of the most important nutrients that are very important for a healthy body. It is also one of the main minerals the body needs because it works to protect it from many chronic organic diseases.

confirming that magnesium protects a person from exposure to stroke and sudden heart attack. As magnesium is available in very high proportions in all types of fish and seafood. Magnesium plays its role here by promoting cardiovascular health and protecting it from the development of blocked arteries.

taking magnesium helps lower triglyceride levels in the blood and reduce the formation of dangerous blood clots. It also works to regulate the heart rate, prevent palpitations, and strengthen the heart muscle. This is in addition to the role of magnesium in blood flow to the heart and the expansion of blood vessels. Therefore, magnesium prevents the onset of strokes and blockages that lead to most strokes.

this is not like low magnesium intake is said to increase high blood cholesterol or excess saturated fat, therefore the study recommended that magnesium be consumed through dietary supplements containing magnesium or by foods rich in it, such as fish, nuts and certain types of fruits and vegetables.

After careful examinations by researcher Andrei Rozanov, the results of heart disease research using studies dating back to 1937, and according to studies by scientist Medred Seled, a strong relationship was discovered between magnesium and the prevention of heart disease, vascular disease and atherosclerosis. Researcher Andreya commented on these studies and their results, stating: “In 1957, it became clear that low levels of magnesium were the main reason for hardening and calcification of soft tissue. However, this study was immediately ignored, and cholesterol and foods high in saturated fat became the two criminals to fight. “

This is in addition to another US study that has been conducted, the results of which have been published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. This study indicates that a diet rich in magnesium may reduce the risk of stroke. These results were obtained after conducting a study of approximately 250,000 people who wanted to consume large amounts of foods containing magnesium, including nuts, beans and leafy vegetables. As a result of this study, they found that these people had a lower risk of stroke.

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