Am I diabetic? 10 symptoms will answer you !!

Diabetes was the most frequently debatable topic for many decades because of how frequently it became. The cause of diabetes is a hormonal deficiency that allows glucose to enter cells, which will use it for energy. The hormone is called insulin and is produced by the pancreas.

Today more than 25% of the world’s population suffers from diabetes. There are three types. Type 1, Type 2 and gestational. Each of these types affects the body in a different way. Type 2 is the most common, with up to 90% of diabetic patients diagnosed with it

There are treatments for diabetes to keep it under control you will need to be able to notice when you have diabetes. Prevention is better than cure after all. As such, here are some signs that will answer the following question “What are the first signs of diabetes?” who will have to turn to a doctor after noticing it in yourself.

1- Hunger

If you’re still hungry after a generous, healthy meal and it’s not a one-time thing, it could be a prelude to diabetes. This happens because your body stops digesting food and dissects it for nutrients that it will convert into glucose for your body to use for energy. As such, your body needs more food than usual to

2- Fatigue

If you feel exhausted and tired all the time, you may need to take it as a sign of diabetes. One of the symptoms of diabetes is chronic exhaustion. This feeling of fatigue and weakness is also caused by dehydration, which, in turn, is caused by unusually frequent urination. This happens to be another sign of diabetes.

3- dry mouth

If you feel like your mouth is the only dryness survivor, this could be a bad sign, indicating diabetes. This is also linked to the urination / dehydration ratio.

4- Frequent urination

As stated earlier, frequent urination is a clear sign of diabetes, which is a symptom of swelling of glucose in the bloodstream. This could put your kidneys at risk, which can lead to other complications, such as taking in more glucose than they should. As a result, more blood will be released through the urine.

5- thirst

Due to dehydration and urination, you may be thirstier than usual. This is because you are releasing body fluids more than usual. This release also reduces the amount of glucose in your system, which is a clear sign of diabetes.

6- Weight loss

Inexplicable weight loss, not caused by diet, exercise, and other weight loss methods, is a sign of weight loss. Your body does not absorb all the nutrients it needs because it does not break down food properly, resulting in a deficiency and lack of glucose which can be converted into ATP. To compensate for this, your body begins to resort to burning fat and tissue to maintain vital functions, so you will notice a significant drop in your mass.

7- blurred vision

If your eyesight becomes blurry, it could be a sign that you have diabetes. Studies have shown that the body siphons fluids from the eyes once the glucose in the blood rises. This leads to dilation of the pupils and, by virtue of virtue, makes the eyesight blurry.

8- dry and itchy skin

Dehydration leads to rashes and dry skin. This would be because the skin needs generous amounts of water to stay hydrated and smooth. If you start to have itchy, ashy skin, it could be a sign of diabetes.

9- Slow healing factor

If you are injured, regardless of the severity of the wound, and notice that it is taking too long to heal, or not as quickly as it should, it may be a sign of diabetes. This is because the amount of sugar in the blood damages the nerves, not to mention the disruption of blood flow. Since it is the blood that carries antibodies and white blood cells, wounds would not heal at the same rate.

10- Numbness or pain in the feet or legs

Speaking of nerve damage, a telltale sign of it is pain or numbness in the feet, legs, or a combination of both. If you feel that your lower limbs are aching, numb or tingling, which are the first signs of having diabetes, you will need to be tested for diabetes.

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